First-Year Chinese 一年級中文

Fall 2017

Beach in Taiwan

This course website is designed for First-Year Chinese (D-track), an introduction to the fundamentals of standard modern Chinese for students with language background in Chinese dialects. Fall 2015 D-track classes include Lecture A00 and B00. Prerequisite: Department authorization (see here for details).

Daily announcements and download materials can be found in “Announcements”. Students are advised to check the website daily for homework due dates or class information.

This course is a Chinese language acquisition course. ALL students must interview with a Chinese language instructor for placement. Since the Chinese Studies Program offers a spectrum of Chinese language acquisition classes, you will be placed in a language course based on the results of your placement test or oral interview with a language instructor. Students who have lived or studied in any Chinese-speaking areas, such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, are obliged to speak with an instructor to discuss their proficiency. Please speak with a Chinese Language instructor to be evaluated for eligibility to enroll in any Chinese language acquisition course.

First-year (CHIN 10A-B-C) and second-year (CHIN 20A-B-C) courses have N, M, and D tracks and third-year (CHIN 100A-B-C) courses have only N and M tracks. N (Non-native) track is designed for students who have absolute no Chinese language background at all; M (Mandarin) track is designed for students with some Mandarin Chinese language background and D (Dialect) track is designed for students with Chinese language background other than Mandarin. The remaining upper division language classes are more advanced and specialized, these classes require different prerequisites and higher levels of proficiency.

It is the student’s responsibility to enroll in the appropriate course and track designated for the individual's Chinese language background and skill level. Enrolling in two Chinese language acquisition classes simultaneously in the same quarter is strictly prohibited, regardless the track and level. Violating this policy may result not receiving credits. Should you have any questions or concerns, please speak with a Chinese language instructor.