Nancy Guy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Nancy Guy Ph.D., Ethnomusicology, specializes in the study of the musics of Taiwan and China. The questions most prominent in her scholarly work involve issues of identity formation, the meaning and uses of expressive culture in electoral politics, and the ecocritical study of music. She spent the 2002-03 academic year conducting research in Taiwan with the support of a Fulbright Scholar Grant where she developed a new project dealing with music, place, and the environment. She published some of the results of this research in an article titled "Flowing down Taiwan's Tamsui River: Towards and Ecomusicology of the Environmental Imagination" in the spring/summer 2009 issue of Ethnomusicology, the flagship journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology.

Office Location: Conrad Prebys Music Ctr 242



  • TDR: The Drama Review (2008)
  • Ethnomusicology (1999 and 2002)
  • Perfect Beat (2001)
  • Asian Theatre Journal (1990 and 1995)
  • ACMR Reports (1998 and 2000)
  • Comparative Drama (2001/2002)
  • Zhongguo Yishu Yanjiuyuan Yanjiushengbu (Graduate School Academic Journal of the Academy of Arts of China, Beijing, 1993)


  • "Trafficking in Taiwan Aboriginal Voices" appears in Handle with Care: Ownership and Control of Ethnographic Materials(edited by Sjoerd R. Jaarsma, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2002).
  • MUS 120B History of Music in Western Culture II
  • MUS 111 Chinese Opera
  • MUS 107/207 Adoring Performers
  • MUS 107 Nature and the Environment in Chinese Music