• Cahill, Suzanne

    Ph.D. – Adjunct Professor Emeriti, History

    Email: SuzanneCahill@gmail.com

  • Chen, Joseph C. Y.

    Ph.D. – Professor Emeritus, Physics

    Email: JCyChen@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-2893

    Office: MAYER 3214

    Faculty Profile: Physics Department

  • Esherick, Joseph

    Ph.D. – Professor Emeritus, History

    Email: JEsheric@ucsd.edu

  • Gerth, Karl

    Ph.D. – Professor, History

    Hwei-chih and Julia Hsiu Chair in Chinese Studies

    Director, Chinese Studies Program

    Email: kgerth@ucsd.edu 

    Phone: 858-534-8939 

    Office: HSS 3070

    Faculty Website: www.karlgerth.com

  • Guy, Nancy

    Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Music

    Email: NGuy@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-8875

    Office: CPMC 242

    Faculty Profile: Music Department

  • Heinrich, Ari N. (Larissa)

    Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Literature

    Email: LNHeinrich@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-2395

    Office: LIT 342

    Faculty Profile: Literature Department

  • Hoston, Germaine

    Ph.D. – Professor, Political Science

    Email: GHoston@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-449-0455

    Office: SSB 376

    Faculty Profile: Germaine Hoston's Website

  • Jordan, David

    Ph.D. – Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

    Email: DKJordan@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-822-0751

    Office: SSB 282

    Faculty Profile: Anthropology Department

  • Li, Huai (aka Pickowicz, Lee)

    M.F.A. – Lecturer, Visual Arts 

    Email: H3Li@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-2860

    Office: MAND 216

    Faculty Profile: Visual Arts Department

  • Liang, Lei

    Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Music

    Email: LeiLiang@ucsd.edu 

    Phone: 858-822-1434 

    Office: CPMC 350

    Faculty Profile: Composer's Site | Music Department

  • Liao, Ping-hui

    Ph.D. – Professor, Literature

    Chuan Lyu Endowed Chair in Taiwan Studies

    Email: PiLiao@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-2706

    Office: LIT 443

    Faculty Profile: Literature Department

  • Lu, Weijing

    Ph.D. – Associate Professor, History

    Email: W1Lu@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-0586

    Office: HSS 3044

    Faculty Profile: History Department

  • Madsen, Richard

    Ph.D. – Professor, Sociology

    Email: RMadsen@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-2779

    Office: SSB 401

    Faculty Profile: Sociology Department

  • Naughton, Barry J.

    Ph.D. – Professor, The School Global Policy and Strategy

    Email: BNaughton@ucsd.edu 

    Phone: 858-534-2481 

    Office: RBC 1423

    Faculty Profile: GPS website

  • Pickowicz, Paul

    Ph.D. – Distinguished Professor, History and Chinese Studies

    Endowed Chair in Modern Chinese History

    Email: bikewei@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-2481

    Office: HSS 3072

    Faculty Profile: History Department

  • Schneewind, Sarah

    Ph.D. – Associate Professor, History

    Email: SScheewind@ucsd.edu 

    Phone: 858-822-0814 

    Office: HSS 3062

    Faculty Profile: History Department

  • Shen, Kuiyi

    Ph.D. – Professor, Visual Arts

    Email: KShen@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-6104

    Office: VAF 365

    Faculty Profile: Visual Arts

  • Shirk, Susan

    Ph.D. – Professor Emeriti, School of Global Policy & Strategy

    Email: SShirk@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-822-4349

    Office: RBC 1426

    Faculty Profile: GPS

  • Yip, Wai-Lim

    Ph.D. – Professor Emeritus, Literature

    Email: WYip@ucsd.edu

    Faculty Profile: Literature Department

  • Zhang, Yingjin

    Chair, Department of Literature

    Ph.D. – Professor, Literature

    Email: YinZhang@ucsd.edu

    Phone: 858-534-5991

    Office: LIT 339

    Faculty Profile: Literature Department