Undergraduate Program

Major Reqiurements

Undergraduate students may earn a B.A. in Chinese Studies by meeting the following requirements and must take each course for a letter grade:

  1. Two years of Mandarin Chinese (CHIN 10 A-B-C and CHIN 20 A-B-C or equivalent) or equivalent Chinese knowledge.
  2. HILD 10-11-12 (a one year sequence in East Asian History)
  3. Twelve upper-division courses on Chinese studies from at least three different departments or programs.
  4. At least one of those twelve courses must be a 4 unit colloquium in which students are expected to write a substantial term paper. Typically the Department of History offers at least one colloquium per academic year and courses are usually numbered HIEA 161-171. The student will need to request and receive permission from the professor and the Department of History before enrollment in such a course. Colloquium must be completed at UCSD.
  5. No more than six of those upper-division courses may be language acquisition.
  6. As a rule, all courses must be taken and completed for a letter grade for both the major or minor. Exception are granted for CHIN 198 and 199.
  7. No more than 6 upper-division courses taken abroad may qualify towards the major. No more than 3 of those courses may be upper-division Chinese language acquisition courses.

In principle, the courses that the Chinese Studies Program accepts are lower and upper-division course that study China or Mandarin Chinese. Courses that are compatible with the major or minor must be 4 or more quarter units. All courses not taken at UCSD must be reviewed and approved as compatible with UC standards for a Chinese studies course via a Student Petition upon returning from EAP, OAP or from another educational institution.

Click here for the "How to Earn a Major in Chinese Studies" Information Sheet

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Minor Requirements

A minor in Chinese Studies consists of at least three lower-division courses (a minimum of twelve units) and four upper-division courses (a minimum of sixteen units). Each course must be taken for letter grade. The seven courses must selected from across three different departments or programs. All seven courses must be unique to the minor and cannot be shared with a major or another minor, overlapping with college requirement may be permitted, consult with your college regarding restrictions. No more than three Chinese language courses may be applied towards the minor. For students wishing to apply courses taken abroad towards the minor, certain restrictions apply, please consult with the program coordinator regarding: the student petition process, the minimum unit requirement for courses abroad, which type of course qualify and what combination is applicable for each particular student. AP credits do not count towards the minor.

Click here for the "How to Earn a Minor in Chinese Studies" Information Sheet

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Chinese Studies Honors Program

Minimum requirements for admission to the honors program are:

  1. Junior standing
  2. A GPA of 3.5 or better in the major
  3. Overall GPA of 3.2 or better
  4. Recommendation from a faculty sponsor who is familiar with the student's work
  5. Completion of at least four approved upper-division courses by the Chinese Studies Program
  6. Completion of at least one year of Chinese language or equivalent knowledge
Students who qualify for honors must consult with a faculty mentor, submit a proposal, complete the appropriate form(s), enroll and complete a two-quarter sequence of directed study (CHIN 196) during which they define a research project, carry out the research and complete a senior thesis and presentation if required by the faculty mentor.
The completed thesis will be evaluated by a committee consisting of the student's thesis advisor and one other faculty member.

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Double Major

Make sure you meet the following requirements to declare a double major, you must:

  • Have completed at least 90 units and no more than 135 units. Contact your college to discuss if AP credits and transfer courses apply to that unit count.
  • Have at least 2.5 overall GPA
  • Have completed a majority of the prerequisite for both majors
  • Be able to satisfy the requirements for BOTH majors with no more than 240 total units
  • Meet with both departments or programs and your college to discuss your academic plan and written receive approval in the format of a Double Major Petition Form.
  • Overlapping of two upper-division courses may be permitted if the two majors are similar. Restrictions may apply please consult with academic advisors from both majors.

Learn more about the double major process here

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