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This page will be continuously updated with helpful and informative responses to the questions that are commonly asked. If the answer you seek does not appear below please contact the Chinese Studies Program.

Q: What do I after I finish my course abroad?
A: Courses taken during study aboard must be petitioned upon return to UCSD. The student is responsible for meeting with the program coordinator and submitting individual student petitions for course not taken at UCSD that are applicable to with a major or minor in Chinese Studies. Courses not taken at UCSD must be reviewed and approved for compatibility to the Chinese Studies standards.

Q: Once the course and grades are on my Academic History and Degree Audit then I get the credit towards my major or minor. Right?
A: Not quite, it is the student's responsibility to submit a formal student petition for EACH course taken abroad.

Q: Where do I get the form?
A: From an academic advisor or here (PDF)

Q: What materials do I need for a student petition?
A: It is important to bring back ALL materials for a course taken abroad to support your Student Petition. You need evidence to prove your course is about China or a Chinese language learning course. Especially if you are seeking upper-division approval.

Q: What should I bring? Isn't the online description enough?
A: Syllabus, textbooks, handouts, exams, papers you submitted, your own notes, etc. You need proof that you took the course and what level it qualifies for. A blank workbook isn't very convincing to the director that you completed the course.

Q: How many study abroad courses will count for a major?
A: If you are a student seeking a major in Chinese Studies you may only receive credit for 6 courses taken abroad, a maximum of 3 of those 6 courses may be language acquisition courses. Remember overall you can only have 6 CHIN courses for the major and at least 6 of your upper-division courses must be taken at UCSD.

Q: How many study abroad courses will count for a minor?
A: If you are a student seeking a minor in Chinese Studies you may only receive credit for 3 courses taken abroad, maximum of 2 of those 3 may be language acquisition course. Be careful because for a minor at least two of your upper-division courses MUST be taken at UCSD.

Q: What courses should I take?
A: This is really up to you the student, but there are guidelines. Courses taken abroad need to be 4 or more quarter units to be useful for a Chinese Studies major or minor. You have many options but you need to make sure your topic is about China or Mandarin Chinese. At least 50% or more about China. If you are seeking upper-division approval then you must take a course that has that type of academic weight. Below is a list of successful petitions from other students who studied abroad.

Q: If I take study abroad courses for pass/no pass, will I be able to use them for my Chinese Studies major/minor?
A: All courses for the major or minor must be taken for letter grade. The only exception in CHIN 198 & 199 at UCSD and other criteria apply to these types of courses.

Q: While studying abroad, I want to take a class that is 3 units. Can I use this class towards my major or minor?
A: UCSD courses are 4 units and in order for EAP and OAP classes to be compatible with your Degree Audit you need 4 unit courses. You are permitted to combine courses. For instance you can take 3 upper-division non-language Chnese Studies course that are each 3 units. Upon completion of the study abroad program you have earned 9 units. Once you petition the courses you can used the 3 non-UCSD courses as 2 upper-division courses because 2 UCSD courses would have earned you 8 units. It is also very common for language courses to be split into aural/oral and reading/writing components and theses types of course definitely need to be combined.

Please contact the Chinese Studies Program for further details and assistance.

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