TA Online Application

The Chinese Studies Program uses an online application known as Academic Student Employment System (ASES) in the selection process for the Chinese language TA positions. 

We will begin to accept applications for Winter 2019 TA position on November 9, 2018.

To submit an application for WINTER 2019 CHIN TA positions, please CLICK HERE to access the ASES application. 
Or copy and paste the following link: https://academicaffairs.ucsd.edu/Modules/ASES/Apply.aspx?cid=2762

To access the application, you must be a graduate student at UCSD, have your UCSD Student ID # (Example: A50012345) & TritonLink password.

Note: All TAs (including TAs teaching currently) must apply for the upcoming quarter's TA position to be considered.  The hiring of TAs is based on CHIN course enrollments as well as the budget allotments.