Chinese Studies Bachelor of Arts

The Chinese Studies major at UCSD is a multidisciplinary program that blends language courses with study in Chinese culture and history.

You'll engage with faculty across departments to explore the cultural foundation of China, developing a deep understanding of the world's most populous nation while you build fluency in the language with the help of native speakers. Since Mandarin is the most commonly spoken language worldwide, a degree in Chinese Studies means you'll be equipped with the tools to launch a career in a variety of fields, from international relations and diplomacy to business, translation, and marketing.

With a diverse array of course options and opportunities to study abroad at one of our 17 program sites in China, you'll be positioned to begin a career in the international world from the moment you graduate.

Chinese Studies Major Requirements

  1. Two years of Mandarin Chinese (CHIN 10 A-B-C and CHIN 20 A-B-C or equivalent) or equivalent Chinese knowledge.
  2. Twelve upper-division courses on Chinese studies from at least three different departments or programs. 
  3. At least one of those twelve courses must be a 4 unit colloquium in which students are expected to write a substantial term paper. Typically the Department of History offers at least one colloquium per academic year and courses are usually numbered HIEA 161-171. The student will need to request and receive permission from the professor and the Department of History before enrollment in such a course. Colloquium must be completed at UCSD.
  4. Three of the twelve upper-division courses must be Chinese history (i.e. HIEA 140, HIEA 132, HIEA 128, etc.)
  5. No more than six of those upper-division courses may be language acquisition.
  6. As a rule, all courses must be taken and completed for a letter grade for both the major or minor. Exceptions are granted for CHIN 198 and 199.
  7. No more than 6 upper-division courses taken abroad may qualify towards the major. No more than 3 of those courses may be upper-division Chinese language acquisition courses.
  8. All courses MUST be taken for a letter grade.

In principle, the courses that the Chinese Studies Program accepts are lower and upper-division course that study China or Mandarin Chinese. Courses that are compatible with the major or minor must be 4 or more quarter units. All courses not taken at UCSD must be reviewed and approved as compatible with UC standards for a Chinese studies course via a Student Petition upon returning from EAP, OAP or from another educational institution. AP credits do not count towards the major.