TA Applicant Requirements

All Chinese language TA candidates must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Matriculation as a UCSD graduate student. 
  2. Candidates must maintain strong academic standing or 3.0 or better.  The Chinese Studies Program will request permission to hire TAs from their home department. 
  3. Candidates must have superior pronunciation and be skilled at communicating in Pǔtōnghuà also known as Mandarin Chinese. Candidates must be able to read and write clearly in both Traditional & Simplified characters. 
  4. Experience as a Chinese language instructor is a requirement. The Chinese Studies Program may contact your former employer(s) listed on an applicants' CV to confirm your previous work experience.
  5. Additional Requirements as listed below. 

To apply via Academic Student Employment System (ASES) you must have an active UCSD Student ID number and your Student TritonLink password.

TAs are hired as supplemental instructors of Chinese language learning students and need to be able to teach at various levels of backgrounds & abilities. TAs must be available to work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, attending & leading the assigned section(s) and various other tasks without reservation. TAs schedule must have a flexible schedule to potentially attend corresponding lectures that occur on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Attendance to TA Orientation meetings, section(s), weekly meetings and wrap-up meetings are mandatory.

TAs are constantly supervised for quality and effectiveness by lecturers. The efforts of the grad students are pivotal in the grade that is earned in CHIN 500 and the potential to be rehired. Appropriate behavior in with students, staff and instructors is essential. Missing mandatory meetings, office hours, sections and/or weekly meetings are grounds for dismissal & effect rehiring decisions.

Late and incomplete applications may not be considered. This opportunity is for qualified graduate students to apply for any open Chinese language Teaching Assistant when a position becomes available. Employment as a TA is based on available funding, the need for TAs to teach section(s) & any TA vacancies.

ALL Current Teaching Assistants must re-apply each quarter for their TA position.

Carefully read & follow the instructions on the online application. The Selection Committee will be reviewing dozens of competitive & qualified applications. To enhance your chances of being selected; you will need to submit complete, clear, error free, impressive and accurate application materials on or before the deadline date.

  • DO NOT  call or send e-mail inquiries regarding the status of your application. All applicants will be emailed once the top candidates are selected. Sometimes the Program does not hire any new TAs. 
  • The online application allows UCSD graduate students to instantly submit a majority of their application for any Chinese language Teaching Assistant position that may be available. It is best to prepare your information to complete steps 1 through 6 mentioned below.

Prepare the following materials so that you may upload or include in the online application:

  1. Answer the questions in the online application.
  2. Prepare a C.V. or resume which you will UPLOAD into the online application. This information should be in English and it must detail any language teaching background or job experience. 
  3. Each applicant must submit a handwritten autobiography in Chinese characters. Ensure that your handwriting is clear and easy to read.  Applicants may use either Traditional or Simplified characters. TAs are required to be able read, write, and correct both types of characters.
  4. SCAN or take a PIC of your hand written document and UPLOAD it via PDF to the online application.
  5. RECORD yourself speaking for a minimum of 3 minutes on Youtube, Youku or a similar website. The applicant is using this opportunity to introduce him or herself in Mandarin to the Selection Committee. DO NOT simply read from texts and please AVOID background music or noise in your recording. Speak loud and clearly. Please include that video link in your online application.
  6. Print the Confirmation Page when you have completed the online application and fill in your information. 
  7. Deliver the Confirmation Page to HSS 1009.