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Chinese Studies at UCSD is an interdisciplinary program offering both a major and minor program that fosters an understanding of China with an emphasis on contemporary and historical research.

Students in the Chinese Studies Program will acquire valuable linguistic, cultural, political, historical, and artistic knowledge of China that will help them to succeed in their future careers. By coordinating with different departments across the university, students are able to see and learn about China from a variety of perspectives.

Chinese Studies offers intensive Mandarin Chinese language courses. The Chinese language program consists of rigorous language courses that are designed to complement a student’s linguistic background with Mandarin Chinese. Students will master the complexities of the language through expert instruction from our skilled language faculty.

UC San Diego hosts one of the strongest programs on modern Chinese culture and society in the United States, with particular interest in religion, popular culture and film.  With study abroad opportunities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, students have the chance to explore Chinese culture and language while taking courses to help them complete their degree.



CHIN 10AN: First Year Chinese, Non-Native Track
CHIN 10AD: First Year Chinese, Dialect Track
CHIN 10AM: First Year Chinese, Mandarin Track

CHIN 20AN: Second Year Chinese, Non-Native Track

CHIN 20AD: Second Year Chinese, Dialect Track
CHIN 20AM: Second Year Chinese, Mandarin Track 


CHIN 100AN: Third Year Chinese, Non-Native Track
CHIN 100AM: Third Year Chinese, Mandarin Track


CHIN 186A: Readings in Chinese Economics, Politics, & Trade
Beneficial for International Business majors, Political Science majors, & Economics majors.





Chinese Language with Chinese Studies

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Chinese Studies courses fulfill many language and general education requirements across colleges.

Fulfill graduation requirements while learning the most commonly spoken language in the world!

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Chinese Studies
TA Application Deadline
has been extended for Fall 2018. 
New Application Deadline:
Thursday, May 31st, 2018

We are seeking highly skilled Mandarin speakers with teaching experience to assist in the instruction of Mandarin Chinese in Fall Quarter 2018. 

Submit your application here! 

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