CHIN Course Enrollment Information

Students who have never taken a CHIN course 

All students who have never taken a CHIN (Chinese Language) course at UCSD, MUST participate in a short informal placement interview in order to receive authorization to enroll in a CHIN course.  Placement Interviews are applicable to students who have AP Chinese and/or SAT II Chinese exam scores as well as those who have no Chinese background.  

Once a placement test has been completed and authorization, the STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENROLLING in the appropriate CHIN course on Tritonlink WebReg.  An authorization is not an enrollment nor does a placement interview guarantee approval or enrollment in a CHIN course.   

Click here for Placement Interview Information.  

Students already enrolled in a CHIN course

Students who were already authorized and asked to take a course later in the year may need to be re-authorized.  For example, a student who completed a placement interview during the fall quarter but did not enroll in the fall CHIN course that he or she qualified for can return to HSS 1009 to be authorized in the spring for the upcoming fall quarter course. This is why the Chinese Studies Program Office keeps Student Information Sheets (SIS) as a record of what course is best suited for each individual student. After an interview with a Chinese language instructor a student needs to turn in the SIS form for authorization for the current of next quarter or so that the record of the approval is available for the following year. 

If you are already in a CHIN course that course will authorize you for the next CHIN course in that sequence. For example, a student previously authorized for CHIN 10BN and has completed the course with a passing grade may enroll using TritonLink in CHIN 10CN without being re-authorized. If you are taking upper-division CHIN courses but need to take them out of order, then you will need to visit HSS 1009 to get authorized again.  

All Students

  • Keep in mind that the ADD COURSE deadline during regular quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring) is Friday of Week 2.  Plan ahead accordingly.  
  • It is very unlikely that students may join a course after the Week 2 add deadline.  By this point in the quarter, enough absences will have accumulated to affect the student's final course grade adversely.  Under extreme special circumstances, a student may join the course past the add deadline only at the discretion of the lecturer.  The Chinese Studies Program cannot override the lecturer decisions. 
  • Students are not permitted to take more than one CHIN LANGUAGE course per quarter.  

Students who do not know which category they are and want to take a CHIN course

Please contact and send a message with your full name and PID#. Explain a little bit about yourself with regards to your Chinese language skills and that you would like to learn or continue to learn Mandarin. You will likely be prompted to fill out a Student Info Sheet (SIS) and participate in a Chinese placement interview with an language lecturer. 

Chinese Studies Program Policies

  • Keep in mind that DEADLINE to add a course via WebReg each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring) is Friday of Week 2. 
  • It is very unlikely for students to join a CHIN course after the Week 2 add deadline, unless you have been attending. If it is Week 3 and you want to enroll, you will need an ADD CARD. The instructor will need to sign the ADD CARD and then you will need a STAMP from HSS 1009.

Please note, that if you have accumulated enough absences your CHIN grade will be adversely affected. Under extreme special circumstances, a student may join the course past the add deadline only at the discretion of the language faculty teaching that particular course.  The faculty's decision is final and the Chinese Studies Program cannot override the faculty's decisions. An add card with approval signatures will be required and the student will need to acquire additional approval signatures and stamps to enroll during Week 3 and Week 4. Enrollment via an ADD CARD after Week 2 is not guaranteed and instructor approval is required.