CHIN Course Enrollment

Students who have never taken a CHIN course at UCSD

All students who have not previously taken a CHIN (Chinese Language) course at UC San Diego, MUST participate in a short informal placement interview in order to be authorized to enroll in a CHIN course.  Placement Interviews are applicable to students who have AP Chinese and/or SAT II Chinese exam scores as well as those who have no Chinese background. 

Once a placement test has been completed and authorization, the STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENROLLING in the appropriate CHIN course on Tritonlink WebReg.  An authorization is not an enrollment nor does a placement interview guarantee approval or enrollment in a CHIN course. 

Click here for Placement Interview Information

Students with prior authorization for a CHIN course

Students who were already authorized and asked to take a course later in the year may need to be re-authorized.  For example, a student who completed a placement interview during the fall quarter but did not enroll in the fall CHIN course that he or she qualified for can return to HSS 1009 to be authorized in the spring for the upcoming fall quarter course. This is why the Chinese Studies Program Office keeps Student Information Sheets (SIS) as a record of what course is best suited for each individual student. After an interview with a Chinese language instructor a student needs to turn in the SIS form for authorization for the current of next quarter or so that the record of the approval is available for the following year. 

Students already enrolled in a CHIN course at UCSD

Students who are currently enrolled in a CHIN course may register on Tritonlink directly for the next course in the sequence without re-authorization.  For example, a student currently enrolled in CHIN 10CN for Spring may enroll in CHIN 20AN in the Fall without completing a placement interview, unless a CHIN course are taken out of sequence. 

Students who do not know which category they are and want to take a CHIN course at UCSD

Please contact and send a message with your full name and PID#. Explain a little bit about yourself with regards to your Chinese langauge skills and that you would like to learn or continue to learn Mandarin. You will likely be prompted to fill out a Student Info Sheet (SIS) and participate in a Chinese placement interview with an language lecturer.

Students who want to take upper-divison CHIN courses

  • Students who are interested in taking CHIN 165C (Business Chinese III) are encouraged to consult with any of the Chinese language instructors for the placement interview during instructor office hours.
  • Students who are interested in taking CHIN 169 A-B (Medical Chinese I and II) are encouraged to consult with instructor  Xiao Wang for the placement interview during instructor office hours.
  • Students who are interested in taking CHIN 182 A-B (Intermediate Classical Chinese I and II) are encouraged to consult with instructor Pei-Chia Chen for the placement interview during instructor office hours.

Chinese Studies Program Policies

  • Keep in mind that DEADLINE to add a course via WebReg each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring) is Friday of Week 2
  • It is very unlikely for students to join a CHIN course after the Week 2 add deadline.  By this point in the quarter, enough absences will have accumulated to affect the student's course grade adversely.  Under extreme special circumstances, a student may join the course past the add deadline only at the discretion of the language faculty teaching that particular course.  The faculty's decision is final and the Chinese Studies Program cannot override the faculty's decisions. An add card with approval signatures will be required and the student will need to acquire additional approval signatures and stamps to enroll during Week 3 and Week 4. Enrollment via an ADD CARD after Week 2 is not guaranteed and instructor approval is required. 

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Chinese Placement Interview Information
Click for information why this interview is required

The Chinese Placement Interview is a short and informal one-on-one conversation that helps the Chinese language lecturer determine the appropriate course for a student that wishes to enroll in a CHIN course and learn Mandarin Chinese. 


  1. Prior to your placement interview, pick up (outside of HSS 1009) a Student Information Sheet (also known as SIS)
    OR click to download and print the SIS form here (PDF).
  2. All sections of the form MUST be filled out as accurately as possible unless stated on the form as "Optional". 
    Make sure to write your UCSD PID # (i.e. A01234567) and email address on the form clearly. 
  3. DO NOT write anything on the line or box titled: "Office Use Only" and/or "Section ID#"
  4. Visit the lecturer during his or her office hours. Notify him or her that you wish to be interviewed for placement. If necessary, wait outside the office until the lecturer calls you in for an interview.  Keep the SIS form with you when you meet the lecturer, note the following:
    • Placement Interviews are on a first-come, first-serve basis, you may have to wait if the lecturer is busy. 
    • There may be circumstances that will cause a lecturer to cancel office hours.  if such is this case, you may need to see another lecturer or return at another time. 
  5. When called for the interview, surrender your completed SIS form to the lecturer and proceed with the interview. 
    • Depending on your ability, you may need to wait another quarter to begin taking a CHIN course. 
    • Participating in an interview does not guarantee enrollment in a CHIN course. 
  6. After the placement interview, the lecturer will write a note on the SIS of which course is the most appropriate for you and return the form to the student.  You (the student) will then be instructed to return to HSS 1009. If HSS 1009 is not open, slip the SIS form under the door and you will be emailed instructions on how to enroll. 
  7. A staff member will review your SIS, explain the interview results and authorize you for the appropriate course. You may receive and email confirming the suitable CHIN course.
  8. Once you have been authorized, it is your responsibility to enroll yourself on TritonLink WebReg.  Remember to leave the completed SIS with the staff person. 

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Language Faculty Office Hours

Spring 2016 Office Hours

Language Faculty Office Location Office Hours
Anderson, Qin-Hong
HSS 3071 Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:20 – 1:30PM
Wednesdays by appointment
Cha, Samuel
HSS 3056 Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30 – 1:30PM

Chen, Pei-Chia
HSS 3071 Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30 – 1:50PM
Wednesdays by appointment
Han, Yuanyuan

HSS 2310
Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:30 – 3:00PM
Lan, Lan
HSS 3067 Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 –11:30AM
Wang, Xiao
HSS 3085 Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00 – 12:00PM

Note: There may be circumstances that will cause office hours to be cancelled. 
All office hours are valid until the end of Week 10 of the quarter. 

All Chinese Studies Program Offices are located in the Humanities & Social Sciences Building at John Muir College (map). 

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Chinese Language Proficiency Examination
(Available Weeks 3 through 10 only during regular academic quarters)

Chinese langauge Proficiency Examinations are for students that considerable ability in the Chinese language and already have the capacity to prove reading, writing and Mandarin speaking proficiency. Some students may be able to "test out" of a language requirement for their major or college via this proficiency exam. The Chinese Studies Program and instructors are not obligated to help prepare a student pass a Chinese proficiency exam

More information about taking a Proficiency Examination can be found on the Lingustics Department website.

Read the information on that website carefully and determine the level you are trying to show competency for Chinese.  Visit your college or major's website to learn more regarding language requirements. In other words, does your college want the completion of language by four quarters? Do they want you to be able to read, write, understand and speak Mandarin Chinese?  Researching this process is the student's responsibility as well as telling the tester the level of competency being examined for.

To take a proficiency exam, you will make an appointment with one of the language faculty listed below. The Chinese proficiency test must take place on campus and in person. Testing is permitted during Week 3 through 10 of each quarter due to the schedules and duties of the instructors who have agreed to offer the Proficiency Exams. Please print your own form, bring your UCSD Student ID card and arrive on time to your appointment so that the instructor can verify your identity when you take a Proficiency Exam. 
The student must print his or her own exam form, fill in the top portion of the form and bring the form to the appointment with the instructor. The form is on the Department of Linguistics webpage: The instructor or staff are not responsible for providing you a form. Once you have completed the appointment you must take the form to the Linguistics Department at AP&M room 3016 to receive credit for successfully passing the proficiency exam.    
Please make appointment for a Chinese Proficiency Exam with an instructors listed below once Week 3 commences.

When contacting an instructor via email, be sure to include in the subject line "Proficiency Exam - Your Full Name". Within the email include your full name, UCSD PID Number, College, Major, phone number and reason why you are taking a proficiency examination. Instructors typically are on campus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is very unlikely that Chinese proficiency exams will be offered on Mondays and Fridays.

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Purpose of Chinese Placement Interviews


Chinese placement interviews are used to determine two things, which level a student should begin taking a Mandarin Chinese (CHIN) course and which track is best suited for the student. Instructors will assess a student's background and document specific courses and levels for each individual student. After the interview, a staff member will then be able to authorize a student based on the instructor's evaluation of the student's ability. Students interested in taking Chinese must read the "Chinese Placement Interview Information" above.  The instructions will help to clarify the placement interviewing process for enrolling in a CHIN course. 

The placement interview is usually a short and informal conversation and REQUIRED prior to enrolling and taking a CHIN course. It's mainly a verbal assessment but sometimes may include a written or reading review. The results on your SIS  form need to be provided to the Program Coordinator before a student will be authorized to enroll in a CHIN course. 

Please note that enrollment in a CHIN courses is not guaranteed.


Chinese instructors may return to campus early to offer placement interviews before the fall quarter begins. During the quarter placement interviews may be offered during Week 1 through Week 10 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and during regular office hours of the Chinese language instructors. Placement Interviews are suspended during finals week & in between quarters. During the summer and prior to the fall quarter, instructors offer a few days of placement interviews as a courtesy. We are in the process of incorporating Google Hangouts to offer remote placement interviews via video chat. Please email to learn how to take a Chinese placement interview via Google Hangouts.


The Chinese Studies Program Office is located in Humanities & Social Sciences Building, Room 3084 at Muir College (map). Interviews actually takes place in the instructor's office as mentioned in the chart above.


Students are categorized into 3 different tracks:

TRACK N – Is for students with absolutely no previous knowledge of Chinese. Non-native speakers will be approved for CHIN courses that are followed by the letter N.

TRACK M – Is for students with previous knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. These heritage speakers will be approved for CHIN courses that are followed by the letter M.

TRACK D – Is for students with previous knowledge of a dialect of Chinese other than Mandarin. These heritage speakers will be approved for CHIN courses that are followed by the letter D.

CHIN courses at UCSD are offered to students that have the potential to learn Mandarin Chinese. For those interested in learning Cantonese you may wish to visit the Linguistics Department (AP&M 3rd floor) for independent study (LIGN 19) or you may wish to study abroad. Only Mandarin Chinese may be used towards earning a major or minor with the Chinese Studies Program.

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