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Chinese Studies Placement Interviews: 

The Chinese Placement Interview is a short and informal one-on-one conversation that helps the Chinese Language Faculty determine the appropriate course for a student that wishes to enroll in a CHIN course and learn Mandarin Chinese. 

To see times instructors are available to administer placement interviews, click here.

READ the instructions below prior to participating in a Chinese language placement interview.

  1. Prior to your placement interview, print (SIS PDF) the Student Information Sheet or pick up SIS form outside of HSS 1009. The SIS will be available in Google Forms soon.
  2. All sections of the form MUST be filled out as accurately as possible unless stated on the form as "Optional".  
    Make sure to clearly write your UC San Diego PID # (i.e. A01234567).
  3. Visit any instructor during his or her office hours. Inform the instructor that you wish to be interviewed for placement. If necessary, wait outside the office until the instructor calls you in for an interview.  Keep the SIS form with you when you meet the instructor note the following:
    • Placement Interviews are on a first-come, first-serve basis, you may have to wait if the lecturer is busy.
    • There may be circumstances that will cause a lecturer to cancel office hours. In this case, you may need to see another faculty member or return at another time.  
  4. When called in for the interview, hand your completed SIS form to the instructor and start with the placement process.
    • Depending on your ability, you may need to wait another quarter to begin taking a CHIN course
    • Participating in a placement interview does not guaranteed enrollment in a CHIN course. 
  5. After the placement interview, the instructor will write a note on the SIS of which course is the most appropriate for you and return the form to the student.  You (the student) will then be instructed to return to HSS 1009. If HSS 1009 is not open, place the SIS form in the plastic sleeve attached to the office door.
  6. Eleanor will review your SIS, explain to you or email you the results of the CHIN course that best suits for your level & background. She will authorize you for the appropriate course. You will receive an email confirming the CHIN course.
  7. Once you have been authorized, it is your responsibility to enroll yourself on TritonLink WebReg.  Remember to leave the SIS form with Eleanor in HSS 1009.  

**Authorization from the Advisor does not mean you enrolled in the class! You must enroll yourself!**