Online Placement Interview Information

Chinese Studies offers an online placement test with one of our Chinese Studies instructors over the summer so you can enroll as soon as possible. 

Follow these instructions to schedule your Online Placement Interview: 

We are now using Google Hangouts to facilitate the Chinese placement interview. You will need to set-up the video chat feature via your UCSD email account (hosted by Google) or a pre-existing Gmail account.

  1. Setting up Google Hangouts is necessary. You must have a working camera, microphone and speakers on your computer. You can then use the instructions on this website to prep your computer:
  2. Fill out a Student Info Sheet online via Google Forms: Click on FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM or click on this hyperlink:
  3. Email Pei-Chia Chen at to make an appointment for an interview. Be sure to enter your info on the Google form link above so that the instructor has a chance to read your responses prior to the Chinese language placement interview.

Pei-Chia Chen: 

  1. Be sure to be at your computer at the appointment time and date. Make sure Google Hangouts is installed properly with the video chat prior to your appointment.
  2. Once the appointment is over the instructor will send the results to the Chinese Studies Program.
  3. You will then receive an email from Chinese Studies with info about the CHIN course that best fits your skill level. The advisor will authorize you to enroll in the course recommended by the Chinese Language lecturer. NOTE: The advisor can only authorize you for the class the lecturer recommended. The advisor cannot authorize you for a different Chinese language course. You will then be able to enroll to the best applicable CHIN course via WebReg

**Authorization from the Advisor does not mean you enrolled in the class! You must enroll yourself!**