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Chinese Studies Placement Interviews:

Placement interviews will take place virtually with some exceptions. To request a placement interview, please complete a Student Information Sheet and follow the directions below. Please note that Chinese language courses are offered in a sequence and not offered every quarter. For example, if you place into 10A but do not enroll in Fall, you will need to wait a full year until the next Fall until the course is offered again. Please also note that the placement interview is to determine which Chinese class to take, while the proficiency exam is to test out of language requirements for your major or college GEs. 

The placement Interview is a short and informal one-on-one conversation that helps the Chinese Language Faculty determine the appropriate course for a student. All students who have never taken a CHIN (Chinese Language) course at UC San Diego, MUST participate in an interview in order to receive authorization to enroll in a CHIN course, including students who have taken Chinese courses at other schools, have AP Chinese and/or SAT II Chinese exam scores, or have no prior knowledge of Chinese.  You contact the instructor of the course you are interested in with specific questions about the course (see course descriptions)  or contact Chinese Studies through the VAC or at 

PLEASE READ the instructions below to schedule a placement interview.

Placement Interview Instructions:  

  1. Complete the Student Information SheetMake sure to accurately enter your UC San Diego PID # (i.e. A01234567).
  2. A Chinese language instructor will contact you within 5 business days (2 during peak enrollment times) to schedule a placement interview and provide you with a zoom link for the placement.
  3. During the interview, try to relax and take the opportunity to get to know the professor while they determine which course would be most appropriate for you during a short, informal conversation. No preparation is needed.
  4.  After the placement interview, the instructor will indicate which course will be the best fit for you and notify the Program Coordinator of your placement. Since most courses are offered in a sequence, the course you place into may not be offered in the next quarter. The instructor will tell you when the course you place into will be offered next.
  5. The Program Coordinator will review your SIS and authorize you for the course you placed into. You will receive a VAC message confirming the CHIN course and notifying you that you are authorized to enroll.
  6. Once you have been authorized, it is your responsibility to enroll yourself on TritonLink WebReg. Authorization from the Program Coordinator does not mean you are enrolled in the class!