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Study Abroad Resources

The Chinese Studies Program highly encourages students to expand their horizons by studying abroad and becoming global citizens. Consult with the UC San Diego Study Abroad Office on the process for preparing and applying to study abroad. We hope that you find this webpage helpful and informative. It should guide you what criteria a course needs to meet to be useful in earning a Chinese Studies major or minor.

When preparing to study abroad, students must meet with the program coordinator to discuss specific options and complete the EAP/OAP forms.  It is the student's responsibility to petition each course upon returning from your study abroad program.

When a student considers courses from a college other than UC San Diego, use the following guidelines:

  1. The course is 50% or more about China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. to qualify as a non-language Chinese Studies Elective or be 100% about learning to speak Mandarin and be able to successfully comprehend, read and write in Chinese.
  2. The course must be 4 or more quarter units (or 3 semester units).  Combining courses may be permissible.
  3. Make sure that the course is upper-division if that is the requirement you are seeking to fulfill.  

Only Chinese Studies majors and minor need approval signatures on EAP or OAP documents, but we will kindly offer guidance to all students.