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Chinese Language Proficiency Exam

UC San Diego students may wish to have it certified that they have attained a level of conversational and reading proficiency to satisfy their language requirements. Revelle and Eleanor Roosevelt Colleges require such certification for the baccalaureate degree and some UC San Diego departments have an undergraduate language requirement as part of their major program. The proficiency exam for all languages is administered by the Linguistics Language Program. You must contact them and follow their procedures.

Proficiency Exam Procedures

Please follow these procedures.

  1. Follow the instructions at
  2. Submit the Proficiency Exam Form to request to take the exam.
  3. Requests will be reviewed and screened by the Language Program office.
    1. Note: Proficiency Exams only need to be completed if required for college/major/minor language requirements or for certain Study Abroad programs. If you are looking to determine which course to take, you will need to complete a placement test.
  4. If approved, you will be contacted by the Language Program with instructions. For Mandarin, you will be provided with a name of a Proficiency Exam Administrator to contact to coordinate a 1:1 interview in which you will be given a reading in the target language followed by a conversation with the Proficiency Exam Administrator.
  5. The Exam Administrator will inform you if you have passed or not at the end of your interview. They will submit your results to the language office.
  6. Passing results will be recorded on your transcript and degree audit by the end of the quarter in which you completed your exam (and in many cases before the end of the quarter).