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For Spring Quarter 2020, please visit the Linguistics Department website for the most current information on proficiency examinations.

Chinese Language Proficiency Examination

Available Weeks 3 through 10 only during regular academic quarters

Chinese language Proficiency Examinations are for students that have considerable ability in the Chinese language and already have the capacity to prove reading, writing and Mandarin speaking proficiency. Some students may be able to "test out" of a language requirement for their major or college via this proficiency exam. The Chinese Studies Program and faculty are not obligated to help prepare a student pass a Chinese proficiency exam

More information about taking a Proficiency Examination can be found on the Linguistics Department website.

Read the information on that website carefully and determine the level you are trying to show competency for Chinese according to your major or college requirement.  Visit your college or major's website to learn more regarding language requirements. 

To take a proficiency exam, you will make an appointment with one of the language faculty members listed below. The Chinese proficiency test must take place on campus and in person. Testing is permitted during Week 3 through 10 of each quarter due to the schedules and duties of the instructors who have agreed to offer the Proficiency Exams. Please print your own form, bring your UC San Diego Student ID card and arrive on time to your appointment so that the instructor can verify your identity when you take a Proficiency Exam. 
The student must print his or her own exam form, fill in the top portion of the form and bring the form to the appointment with the instructor. The form is on the Department of Linguistics webpage: The instructor or staff are not responsible for providing you a form. Once you have completed the appointment with the Chinese language faculty member, you must take your form to the Linguistics Department at AP&M room 3101 to receive credit for successfully passing the proficiency exam. 
When contacting an instructor via email, be sure to include in the Subject line "Proficiency Exam - Your Full Name" of the Email. Within the email include your full name, UCSD PID or Student Number, your college, major, phone number and reason why you are taking a proficiency examination. Instructors typically are on campus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Chinese proficiency exams will usually not be offered on Mondays and Fridays.

Please make appointment for a Chinese Proficiency Exam directly with an instructor once Week 3 commences and before Week 10 ends: Email to schedule an appointment.